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* Special Edition - TBA

* January - TBA

* February - Digital Lending, Treasures (Edison), History, NACAR & NEFAR Seminar.

* March - Little Behind, Quarantine, New Arrivals (vinyl: nudist), Treasures (CDs), NAC News.

* April - Call, Lock-Down, Treasures (CDs), New Arrivals (celluloid), Optical Audio, Nothing to Hide.

* May - Rich Pasco, Land of Oobat, Treasures (CDs), Covert Mission.

* June - Blind Creek Beach, Sky Farm grant, Fidus, New Arrivals (vinyl: streaking).

* July - Jones appt., Election, Treasures (Other), ArtPrize.

* August - Full-Text Search, Treasures (Other), Baxandall UW Years, Publication Policy.

* September - Annual Meeting, Citation, Policy Change, Baxandall of 1954, Nude Cruise of 1932.

* October - Kraft Foods, Haulover, NPS Advice, Nuance B&B, Naked Ballots, Treasures (Other), New Arrivals.

* November - Public Beach Defense Advisory, Moses Littauer in 1921, Top-Freedom win.

* December (PDF) - 2020 Summary.


* January (PDF) - Complacency, IWD, Defining Case for Nudism in Michigan.

* February (PDF) - 30 Years of NAC, Baxandall Activism, Formation of NAC.

* March (PDF) - Florida Bill Support, MARNA Swims, Is Nudity Programmed In?

* April (PDF) - Frank Cordelle Century Project.

* May (PDF) - Louis Abolafia Nudist Party Candidate, Caption This! Challenge.

* June (PDF) - Haulover Renourishment, Baxandall in NY Times, Stock/Caption.

* July (PDF) - American Roots (p1), Gunnison, Hawaii, Coming Out, Caption.

* August/September (PDF) - Sky Farm 90 Years, Nudist Fimmaking, American Roots (p2), Caption.

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