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The video materials listed here are DVDs, VHS tapes, and celluloid films documenting nudism/naturism specifically. Included are documentaries on nudism/naturism, and travel accounts to clothing-optional sites.  When available, citations include director, title, the medium's producer, copyright date, and medium.

Last updated: November 2017 (DVD/VHS), April 2020 (Celluloid)


Celluloid Films

Asset TagTitle, Producer, Year, Format, Runtime, Other Information
video100The Take Off, American Sunbathing Association, 1970, 16mm color, 12m34s, stereo optical audio, nudist.
video101World Without Clothes, Mountain Home Movie, estimated 1950s, 8mm B/W, 15m15s, Ref N.3., nudist.
video102Jacqueline, Gilwin Productions, estimated 1960s, 8mm B/W, 2m50s, B-9, striptease.
video103Tivoli Film, Tivoli Film, undated and unknown, 8mm B/W, 4m44s, full-frontal and possibly Paris, striptease.
video104Start Sunbathing, Unknown or Strip de Paris, undated and unknown, 8mm B/W, 3m40s, S 2 Das Sonnenbad, box label and film label don’t seem to match but was sealed, Film labeled as: (Start Sunbathing, BEG Picture), nudie-cutie.
video105Natural Beauties, unknown, estimated late 1950s, 8mm color (very faded), 14m19s, appears to be three films spliced together, last one titled “Hollywood Beauties” with fishing theme, nudie-cutie.
video106Topless Beach Babes, unknown, estimated 1960s, 8mm B/W, 3m47s, mostly posing, nudie-cutie.
video107Balled Up, unknown, estimated 1950s, 8mm B/W, 3m51s, women playing with beach ball, some wrestling, nudie-cutie.
video108Untitled, unknown, estimated 1950s, 8mm B/W, 3m49s, one lady, nudie-cutie


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