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Cinema au Naturel  LIMITED 2ND PRINTING

     The only developed history of nudist films and videos, Cinema au Naturel is a meticulously researched effort by noted naturist author Mark Storey. In recent years, this valuable book has been out of print, and prices for it have soared.
     The Naturist Education Foundation has authorized a limited second printing. Available now at the
Skinny-dipper shop of The Naturist Society.

   The Naturist Education Foundation is the nonprofit informational and educational adjunct to The Naturist Society, which grew and developed from the Free Beach movement in North America.

   NEF is an organization of volunteers dedicated to:

  • improving the awareness of naturism and body acceptance among both naturists and non-naturists.
  • achieving an understanding and acceptance of naturists and their activities throughout North America.

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The Naturist Legacy

You support the Naturist Education Foundation because it's something in which you believe.

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NEF Scholastic Award

For college students. $1,000
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NEF Junior Scholastic Award

For high school students. $250 - as many as four awards per year. Click HERE for more information.

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